I’m saying this now.

If you send someone anon hate (or any hate) for disliking/hating on Kaidan (or any character, for that matter), you are ridiculous. More than ridiculous, you are quite awful.

I don’t care what they say, whether their hate is irrational or actually has some grounding to it, do NOT harass a person simply for not liking a character. I mean, I’ll make off posts about people hating on Kaidan, but I do not personally invade someone’s personal blog to tell them what ‘horrible people they are.’ There are better uses of your time. Go pride yourself that you like a character, that you can see past ‘faults,’ that you have a differing opinion. But DO NOT shame a person for theirs.

(unless it’s something legitimate like racism or ableism or something, then reblog and have a discussion but do not ATTACK them, okay? if they’re an asshole, there is really nothing you can do, though.)

But yeah. It really reflects poorly upon yourself if you feel the need to attack someone on their personal blog just for disliking a character.